A Somber Remembrance To The World’s Greatest New York Jets Fan

Around four years ago, I truly starting branching out in my quest for sports knowledge, and about four years ago, I ran into an argumentative figure known to me at the time as only ‘NYSR’.

He and I butted heads on nearly everything NFL related, if I said the grass was green, he would say it was forest green. Eventually the place we communicated shut down and we didn’t see each other for a year or two.

Little did I know that my former adversary would turn into one of my best friends, and yeah – I understand how some of you may feel about ‘online friends’ but when you talk to someone day after day, share personal thoughts, plans, hopes, dreams, etc. then you’re friends – online or not, then you get close to them.

When I met him again on a website that I formerly co-owned, http://www.sportsjabber.net, we seemed to get along better, we seemed to agree more on things and developed a great friendship to the point where we’d call each other every other week or so and just catch up, talk some New York Jets-Pittsburgh Steelers smack from time to time, you know – stuff that friends do.

When I learned that in the two years that I hadn’t talked to him that he was fighting cancer, I was floored. I could try and tell you his story, but he told it better than anyone, and you can read it here: http://forums.sportsjabber.net/sjforums/showthread.php?t=30847

Months later, after not being around for awhile, he came back and told us that he didn’t know how much longer he’d be around. He couldn’t eat, he could barely drink, he was in bad shape – that was in July of 2010.

Scott finally found himself at peace on January 17th, 2011, after leaving a lasting impression on every heart that he touched.

He never complained. He never whined. He never felt sorry for himself. He accepted his life for what it was and made the most of it. I tried countless times to contact the Jets organization to see if they could do something for him, and they always said they’d get back to me. They’ll be getting call after call today until something gets done.

Scott had something in him that a lot of us will never experience – a love and appreciation for every breath. He was the epitome of David VS. Goliath. He was the Miracle on ice. He was the Jets versus the Patriots.

My life will be forever changed because of the impression that he left on it. He taught me that you can never give up. He taught me that you have to continue fighting even if all hope is gone. He taught me that survivor’s come in all shapes and sizes.

I don’t know if there is a heaven, a hell, a God, or a devil. But, what I do know is that the world got a little darker when Scott left. And wherever he is now, just got a lot brighter.

When the Jets come to Heinz Field to play my very own Pittsburgh Steelers, I hope they bring it. I hope Scott guides them to play their best. I hope they make him proud. I won’t be doing play by play for the game this week, I’ll be sitting down, watching the game with a candle lit beside of me in remembrance of one of the best friends that I’ve ever had.

Until the New York Jets exit the playoffs, the banner on SteeHurtin.com will remain what it is. In tribute to one of my best friends, the greatest Jets fan of all time, an inspiration, and my hero – Scott ‘NYSportsRule” Wedell.

Goodbye Scott, I’m going to miss you, I’m never going to forget you, your story, or your fight.


~ by Steel Hurtin on January 19, 2011.

23 Responses to “A Somber Remembrance To The World’s Greatest New York Jets Fan”

  1. Great, touching tribute to a good friend.

  2. GREAT write up TJ !! A moving tribute to your friend

  3. Very nice tribute … we are Western PA native Steelers fan friends of Scott amd his dad and will watch this weeks game with heavy hearts. Thanks for the great words in his memory ..

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  5. TJ, I think the site you and I knew NYSR on was one and the same. TopSportsTalk I believe. He was one of the best members on there, and when he left, well, it was basically the reason the site shut down. He was easily our best poster. He was also a great guy, he and i talked a lot on AIM and such afterwards about life, sports, etc. It pains me to see him gone at such a young age.

  6. Thank you so much for the beautiful words about Scott. I am best friends with Scott’s aunt. I was so hoping that Scott would survive until the Jets won the Super Bowl. I don’t think any team playing this year has as much support as the Jets do right now. I imagine Scott is rallying everyone in heaven to cheer them on.

    • Great post Ann Ice. I am a Steelers fan, but wow this story sent my emotions sailing. Just like TJ perfectly stated, if they do lose, the loss won’t be as bad because of Scott. He’ll be watching from Heaven. What a beautiful young man inside and out. Just heartbreaking. My sincere sympathy to you and his entire family. What a brave young guy

  7. I thank you so so so much for posting this beautiful tribute. I am devastated by Scott’s loss and drowning in tears after reading and watching this. You are a great person.

    —-Scott WQedell’s dad

    • Mr. Wedell, I happened to see this story on FanHouse and both my husband and I had tears streaming down. I cannot imagine your loss. As soon as I read you nudged him when the score was 7-3 it was just so touching. I did contact the Jets also, hoping they will get it prior to the game. You are obviously a wonderful person as you raised such a strong young man full of integrity and love. Our hearts are with you. I will not be watching the game as I usually do, but thinking of your son.

  8. NYSR
    Thank you for that nice post and tribute. My son is a 5 year survivor. and reading Scot’s story made me relive my sons ordeal. I am a friend of Scot’s Aunt and followed his progress through most of his battle. Scot was a warrior and Hero in the truest sense of the word. May you rest in peace Scott.
    The music is ever so appropriate.

  9. This is a beautiful tribute to Scott. Thank you for sharing it.

    Please contact me, I might be able to help you contact the Jets.

  10. I have known Scott since he was about 3 or 4. I can tell you that even at 5 he was something special. When he was 5 he could swing a bat just as hard left handed as right handed. He would play golf with a set made up of 75% right handed clubs and 25% left handed clubs. He said that there were sometimes the angle of the shot was better for a left handed club, than a right handed. He not only knew Yankee legends, but he could tell you what color bat they used. Once when he was very young, there was a figurine of Reggie Jackson that someone had, and Scott looked at it and said…that’s not Reggie Jackson….he was right – the color of the bat was wrong. Scott, obviously was tougher than I can ever be

  11. Dear TJ,
    You are an amazing young man The friendship you and Scott had was wonderful. Your loss must be so difficult but your tribute is so beautiful and Scott would be proud of you. Many never will experience such a close relationship during their entire lifetime.
    I truely feel the Jets and the Steelers will do somrting for your friend- possibly during or before the game.
    Scott cetainly was a strong young man-focused and dedicated to you, his family, and to life itself. I know he will not be forgotten.
    I am totally stunned by his story and deeply saddened and you are so right when you said implied tha LIFE is more important than sports in the big picture.
    Thank yopu for you realism, your compassion to your friend, and for beibg you.

  12. This is a damn decent thing you’ve done. I’m sorry for your loss.

  13. This has touched me in ways you can’t imagine. Thank you so much for sharing. It hits me hard when my beloved Steelers lose a game, especially one as important as this game. But if the Jets win today, I will be smiling for Scott knowing he was on the field with them toay.

    God bless you Scott.

  14. TJ You are a class act -It is funny how God puts people together

  15. this was a great way to show scott wedell that he will never be forgotten. i really hope you can get the jets to do something for scott too!

  16. im a man that shows no emotion, nor speaks of any that he may have but this has hit me hard and i must say i am very sorry for the loss and i will make sure a candle is lit for him in my house as well while i watch our Steelers play.

  17. A friend is a friend forever. We have hundreds or even thousands of weekly acquaintances but only a select group of true friends. These are the people who are there when you need them the most. They help shape our lives and inspire us to be better. Although I never knew Scott or even heard of him before stumbling across this site it’s clear to see the impact he left on others lives. He will live on through his friends.

  18. My prayers go out to Scott’s family. And as I watch my Steelers play today, it truly will be through diffrent eyes!! It’s been said so much already Scott truly has the best seat in the house. The Jets will truly have and Angel on their side today! TJ your are proof that there are still “TRUE FRIENDS” in this world! You will be in my thoughts and prayers also.

    Suzy aka SteelersQueen living in Colorado

  19. One more thing, I also turn to music when at my lowest points. May I suggest Kid Rock’s When it Rains it Pours. You can find it on Youtube. It deals with losing a loved one.


  20. ive got 3 candles going for him . . . . Steeler pride both far and wide we stick together as a family to help one another through whatever in any way we can.

  21. […] Around four years ago, I truly starting branching out in my quest for sports knowledge, and about four years ago, I ran into an argumentative figure known to me at the time as only 'NYSR'. He and I butted heads on nearly everything NFL related, if I said the grass was green, he would say it was forest green. Eventually the place we communicated shut down and we didn't see each other for a year or two. Little did I know that my former adversary wo … Read More […]

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