Super Bowl XLV: Ben Roethlisberger Versus Aaron Rodgers

Super Bowl XLV will be the clash of two of the biggest names in the NFL – Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. Two big names, in one big stadium, on the biggest stage of them all. Sounds like the clash of the titans, the battle to end all battles, perhaps even the Battle of Denerim (sorry, I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins lately).

The marketing ploys aren’t the only big thing about these two quarterbacks, they’re both pretty big in their own right. Roethlisberger stands 6’5”, Rodgers is 6’2”. Big Ben weighs 240 lbs, ARodge tips the scales at 223. And both of these guys love to tuck the ball and run, but neither of them likes to slide. They take a page straight out of Pro Football Hall Of Famer John Elway’s book and go head first – which may or may not be wise, since both have had concussions previously. But, hey, whatever gets them fired up – right?

Both of these guys know how to win, and Rodger’s Green Bay Packers bear an eery resemblance to Roethlisberger’s Steelers of 2005, with the ultimatum of ‘win or go home’ setting in weeks prior to the playoffs beginning, and the response that only warriors seem to rise to.

Rodgers had the advantage of learning behind one of the all time great quarterbacks (before the media and fans hated him) Brett Favre. Whereas Roethlisberger had little choice but to perform at a high level with no experience under his belt after being thrown into the fire after starter Tommy Maddox had gotten hurt in 2004.

Big Ben will hold the advantage when the two face off in Dallas on February 6th, as it will be his third trip to the Super Bowl (wins in 2005, 2009) whereas Rodgers will be leading the Packers to their first appearance since 1997. Roethlisberger may also hold the mental edge, after throwing for over 500 yards and leading a last second fourth quarter comeback against the Packers last season.

Rodgers is a competitor, no doubt about that, but should the game come down to the wire, one can only assume that Roethlisberger will emerge victorious, based on the pair’s previous performances in those situations: Roethlisberger has 19 fourth quarter game winning drives and 25 game winning drives in total. Rodgers, on the other hand has three fourth quarter game winning drives and five game winning drives total.




~ by Steel Hurtin on January 31, 2011.

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