Hines Ward Not Going Anywhere, Win Or Lose

Throughout the past season or so, there has been a lot of speculation about a certain wide receiver who is an absolute staple in Pittsburgh, and not just on the field of play – where he holds all major Steelers receiving records, but also off of it for his contributions to the Pittsburgh community.

We are, of course, talking about Hines ‘Mighty Mouse’ Ward.

The speculation in particular that we are talking about is that of the rumors of his pending retirement should the Steelers win Super Bowl XLV. But, after being named the recipient of the Rooney Award, which recognizes individuals that contribute greatly to the Pittsburgh area, he seems to have found new life, his second wind if you will.

Barring serious injury, or depth chart shakeup, he should catch his 1,000th career reception, which would put him in some pretty elite company that would include such all time greats as Jerry Rice, Cris Carter and Marvin Harrison. Currently he has 954 receptions, which, somewhat surprisingly is the same amount that Randy Moss has (Moss and Ward were both drafted in 1998).

Looking forward to next year, it’s going to be fun to watch the ‘race’ that Ward and Moss could and should have, hopefully for Moss’ sake the Tennessee Titans can bring in a quarterback that isn’t A. Older than dirt and B. Crazier than the cat lady that lives down the street. Because, in all honesty, it’s no fun without competition.

Ward and Moss have the unique opportunity to join the 1,000 catch club, an exclusive club that caters to just seven players currently.

It’s somewhat amazing to think that even with all of his receiving accolades he’s still very much committed to being the best blocking and the toughest receiver in the NFL. A lot of receivers claim to be tough, but with the vertical passing game and speed receivers seemingly taking precedence in the league today not many of them actually have to live up to that claim. Ward is one of the select few that thoroughly enjoys going over the middle, much like a tight end.


~ by Steel Hurtin on February 1, 2011.

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