Hines Ward Would Welcome Plaxico Burress Back With Open Arms

Plaxico Burress was, at one time, a pivotal part of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. Drafted in 2000, he was with the team until 2004, as the team’s tall, redzone target –  a big body with good hands that’s ideal for the fade route in the corner of the end zone.

After scoring 22 touchdowns in his time with the Steelers, he went on to become the number one guy in the New York Giants’ offense, grabbing 33 more touchdowns over the course of four years. After that, as we all know, he pulled a Cheddar Bob and shot himself in the leg with a gun that was concealed in his sweatpants. Why a multi-millionaire wears sweatpants to a nightclub, is completely beyond me, but I digress.

Burress is slated to be released soon, and when asked if he would make a good addition to the Steelers offense, Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward said that he would be welcomed with open arms. He also went on to say that having Plaxico back to help them win another Super Bowl would be a great story. Which, well it would.

Except for a few small problems.

Burress hasn’t played a snap of football since 2008,  outside of playing the guards, led by Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kevin Nash, er..wait that’s the plot from The Longest Yard. My mistake.

The more important issue however, is the Steelers receiving depth. They currently have Hines Ward, who wants to return for at least one more season, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown, Limas Sweed, etc.

Ward and Wallace are 100% guaranteed roster spots, barring a Santonio Holmes’ like trade. Brown and Sanders have really made quite an impact in proving themselves to the fans and coaching staff, and Limas Sweed deserves one more chance, though if anyone, it will be he that falls victim to the possible signing of Burress.

There will doubtlessly be plenty of teams interested in Plaxico, because there are plenty of squads that need receiving help, and let’s be honest, it’s not like he’s shrunk during his incarceration. But, before a physical and a workout, there’s no way to make this any more concrete than Ward waxing poetic on what a great story it would make.

So, I searched all over for a video of my most memorable Plaxico play, and as you can guess – it wasn’t the Super Bowl touchdown catch to beat the New England Patriots, and I couldn’t find it. But, for those of you that are scratching your heads – the Michigan State product caught a ball, fell to the ground, rolled, got up, and spiked the ball. Yes, it was a live ball, and no he didn’t recover it.



~ by Steel Hurtin on February 3, 2011.

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  1. […] have been flying around (well, flying around here, anyway) about the Steelers being in the hunt for Plaxico Burress, a move that Hines Ward would be very warm to. The only upside of signing Burress would be his size […]

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