Pittsburgh 2011 Draft Preview: Brandon Harris | CB | Miami

Well, it’s time to look ahead to the 2011 NFL Draft, and what better way to start that season than by looking at a few potential Pittsburgh Steelers’ draft selections?

Exactly! There IS no better way. That’s why I pay the big bucks to keep this place running. Or something like that.

The first one will be a special treat for me, because it brings the best of two worlds to my fingertips – the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami’s own Hurricanes. We’ll be taking a look at cornerback Brandon Harris.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195

40 Yard Dash: 4.41

Projected Round: Top 25 Pick

Harris can do it all from the cornerback position, which makes him all that more valuable to the Pittsburgh secondary which is lacking in not only depth, but in overall talent. Ike Taylor’s contract is technically up with the finish of Super Bowl XLV, and William Gay and Bryant McFadden are performing at very levels.

Harris isn’t really great at anything in particular, but he’s good at a lot of things, including the all too overlooked run support. Not enough NFL corners want to come up and hit a running back, perhaps a throwback to them growing up watching Deion Sanders? Congratulations to Deion for being inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame by the way. Harris thoroughly enjoys punishing ball carriers though, which is a perfect fit for any Pittsburgh corner.

And don’t even think about sending a wide receiver to block him, he shows great ability in not only taking blocks head on, but also shedding them and finding his way to the ball.

You’d imagine that with all the talk of run support that Harris is a bit of a one trick pony, but that’s not the case at all, he broke up 15 passes during the 2009 season. In coverage, he sticks with his man like glue, leading offensive coordinators to eliminate plays going his way, something not many corners are capable of.

I know what you’re thinking: he’s got the physical tools, but what about his attitude? Santonio Holmes was just traded away for chicken feed for conduct problems, and Harris is extremely talented – that comes with a price, right?

Normally, I’d say yes, and we’d move on to the next player, but not in this case. Harris has proven himself to be very coachable, and very down to earth. His leadership is also exceptional, along with his natural swagger (sounds like he and Ike will have plenty to talk about) he’ll not only have the talent to compete at the professional level, but he’ll also have the confidence in his abilities to shrug off a blown assignment here and there.

His ability to contribute in all phases of the secondary workload will without a doubt make him a hot commodity at the end of the first round, possibly into the early second, pending his combine scores. His ceiling may not be as high as higher profile corners in this year’s draft class, but he’s got all of the physical tools and intangibles to have a long, successful career at the NFL level.


~ by Steel Hurtin on February 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Pittsburgh 2011 Draft Preview: Brandon Harris | CB | Miami”

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  2. I do VERY much think we need a top-flight shutdown corner. Man, if we had one just think about how much better it would make us… That being said, I think we need a star O-tackle. Our O line did AWESOME last night considering all the hype about Pouncey being gone, but the rest of the season, look at how we got abused by outside rushers (Suggs for instance). We really lack good depth at O-line and I’d say secondary and O-line are are biggest concerns heading into the draft.

    • Ike’s really good, but it would be nice to get someone on the other side that plays consistently. I’m getting tired of watching Bryant McFadden and William Gay getting burned, especially Gay. The New England game when Rob Gronkowski scored three times on him was ridiculous.

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