Super Bowl XLV: Game Balls Courtesy Of Steel Hurtin'

So, in my infinite wisdom, I realized that it could be a cool new series to start ‘giving out’ Steel Hurtin’ game balls, unfortunately, this is the last game for months, so great idea, wrong timing, but ah well, what’re we going to do about it?

I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to end this season on the right foot – by giving out an offensive and defensive game ball from Super Bowl XLV to two Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steel Hurtin’ Super Bowl XLV Offensive Game Ball

This is a tough decision to make, because no one offensive player really had a break out performance, and in that regard many could/should receive this, but I’ve got to give it to a receiver, one that was virtually non-existent in the playoff run this year.

He caught nine passes for 89 yards and a touchdown. He’s the future of the Steelers’ receiving corps, his name is Mike Wallace.

Wallace finally came alive in the playoffs, and could have potentially been the game breaker had Ben Roethlisberger not put too much arm behind some of the deep routes called for Wallace. He was his usual self, the quick footed, agile receiver that he’s been since his rookie year, but it seemed that after he caught pass number one on the day, he came alive and truly wanted to take over the game.

As soon as Charles Woodson got injured, Bruce Arians should have called a deep route for Wallace, especially with Nick Collins and Sam Shields out for a period of time as well, it may have been the play that won the game, but we’ll never know.

Congratulations on your first Steel Hurtin’ Game Ball, Mike, cherish it always.

Steel Hurtin’ Super Bowl XLV Defensive Game Ball

This is another tough one, because like with the offense, no one had a GREAT game by any means, but I’ve got to give it to the one man that seemed to get beat the least in the battered secondary of the Steelers – Free Safety Ryan Clark.

He led the team in tackles in the Super Bowl, and at times seemed to be the only defender that remembered how to tackle properly, as others were attempting to arm tackle Packers receivers and backs, Clark would swoop in and make a textbook tackle – he amassed nine in the game.

Clark has always been one of the unsung heroes of this defense, a true team player, and a true leader. Great guy off of the field as well, as so many of the Steelers’ players are. But, Clark’s personal story is one for another place and time.

No more is Clark unsung, as he’s just received a prestigious award from


~ by Steel Hurtin on February 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Super Bowl XLV: Game Balls Courtesy Of Steel Hurtin'”

  1. Agreed on the game balls. Good post

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