Jason Worilds Talks Football With Steel Hurtin'

Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie outside linebacker Jason Worilds, drafted #52 overall in 2010,  is in what is possibly the best situation for a young outside linebacker to be in – the Steelers defense, learning from two of the best outside rush linebackers in the game today – James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley.

Recently, Jason took time out of his busy off-season schedule to answer a few questions that I had for him, and while listening to what I’ve got to say is fun and all, we all want to hear what Jason had to say, so let’s get to the exciting part of this post (Good! It took long enough, TJ).

Steel Hurtin: When you found out that you’d been selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers, what thoughts and emotions were going through your head?

Jason Worilds: I was ecstatic – it was really a dream come true to be with all of my closest family/friends.  It was certainly a moment I will never forget!

SH: Who was the first player to truly welcome you to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

JW: LaMarr Woodley, he texted me the next day and welcomed me.

SH: Coach LeBeau and Coach Butler are two of the best in the business when it comes to grooming linebackers into stars, what did they have you focus on the most in your rookie campaign?

JW: Just playing the defense and all the details that come with it. Coach LeBeau’s scheme is so intricate meaning you have to be at the right place at the right time and that was my entire focus.

SH: You ended the season with 17 tackles and two sacks, despite having a nagging knee injury, what did that first NFL sack feel like? Did it break the metaphorical ice and get you comfortable with your ability? Or, another day, another sack?

JW: The first sack was definitely reassuring and the second sack was bigger because it was my second play with 2 minutes left and I made that play.

SH: You’re undergoing a fairly common transition in today NFL, from a hand on the ground pass rusher, to a two point stance, do it all, 3-4 outside linebacker, how hard has the transition been for you thus far?

JW: Really not that hard. Took me about a week to get used to standing up and then learning the play book. Standing up, in fact, allows for more freedom and I think that suits me.

SH: You have a perfect situation for a rookie linebacker – playing behind two of the best in the game today in LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison, what have those two taught you about the position?

JW: LaMarr has really helped me with the playbook and learning the plays.  Just watching Harrison teaches me how to play the game. They both are extremely helpful.

SH: Should the team not re-sign LaMarr Woodley, there are reports of you stepping into the starting role next season (pending the CBA of course), do you feel that you are ready if called upon to be the next great Steelers pass rusher?

JW: Yeah I’m up for the task at hand and when my number if called I’ll uphold my responsibilities. I’m the type of person I never want to let my teammates down.
SH: Obviously the season didn’t end the way any of us wanted it to, but what did you take away from not only the playoff experience, but the Super Bowl atmosphere?

JW: I guess going to the SB as a rookie- I got to see how much work it takes to get there. It’s definitely an advantage for my rookie class and the Packers rookie class and that’s big for me going forward.

SH: Coach LeBeau recently signed a one year contract with the team, is the defense planning on using that as motivation to send him off at with a Super Bowl parade, not unlike they did with Jerome Bettis in 2005?

JW: I’m sure that is always the goal.

SH: How different is the Pittsburgh atmosphere from the Virginia Tech atmosphere?

JW: Same type of fan base just Steelers nation is much bigger than the Hokie nation but both are real supportive and real fans!

SH: What is your off-season training regimen like?

JW: It will just be pretty intense, and I will be in the best shape possible for next season.

SH: Who is the most influential/motivational person in your life?

JW: My high school coach and my brother.

SH: Most players are gamers too, do you play Madden at all?

JW: You know what I don’t. I used to but I stopped when I got to college.

SH: Thanks again for doing this, it’s truly an honor whenever I get to sit down and talk to someone who will help mold the future of the Steelers.

JW: Thank you TJ, I really appreciate it. Jason


Jason Worilds is exactly what I said he would be at the end of the interview – one of the players that will mold the future of this great organization that we love so dearly, even without looking at any of his football accomplishments, you need to only read his answers to the questions, and you’ll learn that he is not only a great human being, but exactly the kind of person that epitomizes what the Pittsburgh Steelers’ franchise has always been about, and with him helping to lead the charge into the future, the team is in good hands.


~ by Steel Hurtin on February 22, 2011.

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